If you’re interested in the prestige of having your camps stand out as some of the best and most professional camps in the area, then joining the membership and having your camp listings upgraded is the perfect option for you. We have empirical evidence that shows that upgraded camp listings are viewed anywhere from 4X to 12X more often than listings that are not upgraded. We can see this through our own metrics on the website, and also through Google Analytics data.

What do I get on an Upgraded Listing?

I’ll cover WHY you’ll get that increased traffic in a bit, but first, what do you get with an upgraded listing?

  • Your logo will appear in both the search list and your detail pages
  • An unlimited length camp description
  • A carousel of photos on your detail page
  • You will be listed under 5 themes and sub-themes

Let me describe in detail each of these upgrade features, and some of the powerful ways this increases the number of parents you’re reaching on Camps Rock.

When your logo appears on the results list, your camps stand out. With a colorful square design, your organization looks more professional, and parents see that you’ve invested in your image and your camps. Additionally, your logo will also appear on the top of every one of your camp detail pages. This increases brand recognition, and also keeps parents aware of exactly what organization they are looking at.

An unlimited length description has two major benefits. The first is that when parents search by keyword, the database searches the full camp description. When your description is limited to 300 characters, you simply cannot put enough information to cover all of the awesome aspects of your camp. Therefore, the likelihood of your camp showing up in search results on keywords is greatly improved if you utilize the unlimited text.

The other benefit to the unlimited text is that you can give parents significantly more information about exactly what will be happening in your camp. Parents like to know what their kids will be doing during the time they’re in your care. Parents want to know their kids are safe, having fun, meeting new friends, and enjoying their day. So, the more they can envision what their child will be doing, the better. You can also describe the qualifications of the camp counselors, daily schedule, information about field trips, details about safety, or your policy on helping kids with special needs, and other details that pertain to your camp.

The advantage to a carousel of photos is obvious… once again, parents like to be able to envision their child in your setting. You can show a variety of activities they will be participating in, what the space looks like, and show campers having fun. We recommend professional photos of your setting and actual kids enjoying your camp.

Being listed under five themes and sub-themes rather than just two, might not seem like the most exciting benefit, but I will say I think it’s one of the best advantages to your upgraded listing. When a parent searches by theme/sub-theme, the ONLY camps that will be returned in the listing are those that match that combination. So, if a parent searches by the theme The Arts/Music, you will only be included in that result list if you’ve chosen to be listed that way. However, if you listed under The Arts/Theater, but you have an element of music in your program, and you are not listed under Music, your camp will not show up under that search criteria. Having access to extra themes/sub-themes for your listing is very powerful.

These features of upgrading your camps are incredibly valuable to your visibility to parents, and your traffic to your own website. We would love to welcome you to the club today!