What are Parents Frustrated About??

You really need to know the answer to this question!

Camps Rock did a parent survey back at the beginning of the 2015 Spring/Summer season. We asked many multiple-choice questions, all pertaining to summer camps, and the process parents go through to find good camps, and register for them. We did not reveal in this survey anything about Camps Rock specifically, these were all generic questions with a basic idea of a website to search for camps.

At the end of the survey we asked one open-ended question:

Based on what you’ve read in these survey questions, please give us some feedback! For example: What pain have you experienced in the past while trying to schedule summer camps? How might a website like this help you? What features would you want to see? What might deter you from using a tool like this? Are there any other comments you might have?

Out of 181 total respondents to our survey, 85 of them gave us an open-ended response to this question. There was one theme of “pain point” that many parents mentioned, and that was having camp data available EARLY! Parents are frustrated that some camps have their info out early, and others’ information comes out much later and by then some of the early camps’ registration deadlines have passed!

My biggest takeaway from all of these comments is that it would be really appreciated by parents and greatly advised, to release your summer camp information as early as possible! Parents are having to make decisions without having all of the data available, and that is frustrating them. Read through the following comments related to this problem (I have not edited these comments at all… this is verbatim):

  • I think the pain, and the problem for any “gathering” website, is that the camp information doesn’t come available at the same time. So, you know you want the University of Dayton basketball camp, and that information comes out in December, but the Camp Kern schedule isn’t available until February, and by then you might have picked a UD camp week. And/or planned your family vacations. The camp schedules that are slow to come out (the Rec Center isn’t usually until early May, right?) makes it really hard to plan, website or not.
  • I’d like to have ALL summer camp schedules available well ahead of time. Unless ALL the info becomes available, I can’t start planning.
  • Summer camps fill up very quickly. It would be nice to have more options, addl. dates, etc.  Time is a valuable resource to me and it would be wonderful to have all the available camps on one website.
  • It would be very helpful to see at once all options available for any given week. Some camps have earlier registration deadlines than others, and sometimes those with later registration deadlines don’t even publish their camp details until after registration closes (or fills up) for other camps. Being able to sort by age/grade level, residential vs. day camp, and cost would also be useful
  • Most information is scattered and you need to do a lot of research, I love the idea of a central location for info!
  • all the flyers come at different times. If you register for one earlier, you miss others you prefer. I’m still not registerd b/c this time I’m waiting to see ALL of the opps before I take the one my child wants (b/c she’s familiar with it).
  • Sometimes I don’t hear about certain camps, or they are sent home from school on little slips of paper, so I think it is a great idea! Including costs is a must.
  • Biggest diffficulty is finding all that is available to choose from in my town, as well as surrounding towns.
  • The biggest pain scheduling camps is keeping the registration dates for each straight, especially for camps that you have to sign up the first day.
  • Getting them all on line at the same time; knowing you got in to your first choice;
  • Pain – too complicated procedures – resident, non-resident, pass holders, not easily obtained or able to catagorize. Help – knowing sign up deadlines, conflicts / corresponding / overlapping dates.  – right now too much paperwork, etc…basketball camp, wrestling camp, football camp, park run camp, rec run camp, drop in camps,…..
  • It would be helpful to have the info as early as possible for planning purposes.
  • It has been difficult to find the camps that are available that fit my child’s interests. I have learned after the fact that we missed opportunities for camps because we did not know they existed.  It would be nice to be able to search by activity (I.e. cooking, art, outdoor adventure, etc)
  • Biggest problem, other than knowing WHAT is availaible, is knowing when registration opens for a particular camp and also, if there are early bird discounts, the dates for those, as well.

As you can see, there is a lot of pain around not knowing about all of the camps available at the time the parents are starting their summer planning process. I urge you to please get your summer camp information listed as soon as possible. Don’t delay your marketing efforts! Parents start looking early, and they’re going to pass you up if they can’t find you!


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