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We’ve included every ADVERTISING feature we’ve got, PLUS you get everything in the GOLD Blow Out sale (that means, EVERYTHING you see below, all included in this one package, one payment of $99 for the year)

The following features are normally Platinum Only:

    • Your camp featured on the home page (this is the only package to get your camp featured on the Home Page of Camps Rock)
    • Parent reviews popped out on Camps Rock home page
    • Your cover photo included on your listings on the Camps Rock home page (your listing is bigger, more colorful, more eye catching)
    • Real time reporting – see how many parents have viewed your camps, clicked to your detail page, and clicked to your website, in real time
    • Reminder emails to parents who mark you as favorite


Expires Tuesday Dec 3rd at midnight!



Do you feel like you’re spending too much on marketing?

You’re not only spending all that marketing money, but you can’t tell if you’re reaching the right people.

It’s nearly impossible to reach the perfect audience, and trying to figure out where they are hanging out is very frustrating.

You need to reach moms with school aged kids, who either are looking for camps, or maybe just checking out camps as an option.

But, how do you find that audience?


Did you know…

45% of parents have a hard time finding what they’re looking for in summer camps.

71% of kids would like to go to camp with a friend.

47% of parents only put their child in one or two camps per summer.

42% of parents try out new camps for their kids every year. And roughly 70% of kids like trying new things.

*these statistics gathered through our google analytics traffic and our parent surveys across the nation.

We can help you reach those parents, and those kids. We’ve got your audience, and they are searching for you.


“This looks awesome.  Thank you for offering your service.  I will be sure to pass along your information to others.  Thank you again.”

Jason W., Varsity Baseball Coach

Elks Baseball Camp

“Good Morning Anne! Your website looks really terrific!

Thank you so much for all you do. You are appreciated!”

Cheryl R., Owner Sew In Style, LL

“Oh Anne… this is beautiful. I’m moved to tears at your willingness to help me get this info online. BLESS YOU!!! Now that I see how it is formatted, I will send some photos from previous camps.

Awesome. Totally awesome! Will get parents to write a few reviews too. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lisa B., Owner/Director

Mayflower Arts Center

“Hey Anne and Bill, This looks GREAT!!!  I’ll ask a few of the parents to write a review, so prospective parents can get a good sense of the tempo of our camp.  Thank you again for all you do!  Rock on! :-)”

Gina F., Director

Good Works Farm, Inc.

“Hi Bill & Anne – Thanks for helping fill our camps – All youth programs are full except our Saturday morning clinic which doesn’t have a limit – Have a great summer – Steve”

Steven M., PGA Head Professional

The Golf Club at Yankee Trace

“Thank you for all of the wonderful tips and info! Once again, I really appreciate all of the guidance you’ve provided.”

Amy H., Registration Coordinator

WeJoySing, Inc.

“Thank you for all of your passionate work to get the Camps Rock up and running the way you want it!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to set the Dayton International Peace Museum Peace Camp page up!”


Bev T., Camp Director

The Dayton International Peace Museum

“Hi Anne. This looks beautiful! Thank you so much. What a great service you provide! I will try to get some reviews up there too. Great suggestion.”

Thanks again.


First School


I used your site the last couple of days and it’s really great! Lots of information there that I wouldn’t have any idea about otherwise! Thanks for all the work you put in to maintain the site!

~ Jennifer W. ~

LOVE! I have been researching for my grandkids and it can be overwhelming. I know how much work this has taken…kudos for putting this together.

~ Deb M. ~

Great job, definitely sharing!

~ Stephanie V. ~

What a great idea! Thank you!

~ Sharon L. ~

All I can say is I wish I had this weeks ago when I was searching. This is fantastic! We are new to the area and this is a Godsend.

~ Danielle S. ~

I found this super helpful and streamlined when I was trying to find a summer camp for my daughter.

~ Cathy W. ~

AWESOME!!! What an amazing product for our kids! I will share!!

~ Dawn C. ~

I absolutely love it! It’s super easy to use and search for upcoming camps!

~ Leeanne C. ~

Camps Rock has saved me countless hours of research and many headaches! Now my grandkids summer will include some safe and fun things to do. Thank you!

~ Cheryl K. ~

I used Camps Rock to search for experiences for my grandsons. I found it to be very useful, accurate, and so convenient. It saved me a lot of time.

~ Rhonda T. ~

I think I love you. LOL! This is AWESOME.

~ Emily A. ~

This is awesome!!! You are a lifesaver!

~ Jennafer W. ~

Thanks so much for the info and the app you’ve developed. I will be sure to share this info. Great resource.

~ Michele R. ~

Anne, this is great! Thank you SO much for this terrific resource.

~ Debe D. ~

1.  Summer Camps are all we do.

We are not a generic “what to do this weekend” website. We are not a mom’s blog. We are not a parent magazine. We ONLY promote summer camps (fall, winter and spring camps too). We study this industry, and we market to parents who are specifically looking for summer camp. That is all.

2.  We are parents… and that’s why we created Camps Rock.

We’ve been there. We have three kids and we needed an alternative to day care. We discovered it’s very hard to find camps, and even though we could find many of them online, the work it took to gather all of the needed information and make decisions for our kids, it was incredibly frustrating and time consuming. So, we’ve created this for parents, and we want to include you.

3.  We study our data and we can tell you what works.

We have loads of data about how parents search. We can tell you what themes and subthemes get the most interest; the age and grade ranges that are most commonly searched; how your camp price compares to other camp prices of a similar theme; which camps are getting the most traffic and why. We know what parents are willing to pay for (and not pay for). Basically, we have gathered a ton of insight over the past five years on what is working and what is not, and we can help you increase the likelihood that parents will select YOUR camp.

4.  We include everyone.

We are in this business to help parents first and foremost. In order to help parents, we need to include all camps, not just those who can afford to pay. Parents want to see everything in one place, and that means we include everyone.

5.  We’re focused on creating change.

As parents (and old computer programmers), we knew there had to be a better way to find summer camps. As business owners, we know there has to be a better way to get the word out and reach parents. If everyone in this industry had the perfect way to consistently reach the EXACT audience they need, and they could come together to make that happen, wouldn’t that be awesome?

It’s our goal to completely change the way summer camp organizations market. It’s not going to happen overnight, but in the past five years we’ve made huge strides in creating a platform that is heads above any other marketing options.

6.  We constantly work to make Camps Rock better.

Again, this is all we do. Summer camp is what we think about all day, and what keeps us awake at night.

We have a list a mile long of new features and functionality we’re planning to add into Camps Rock. We’ve got facelifts and exciting changes already in the works for 2020. We are stoked to show you it all… and every bit of it is to make this website easier and more helpful to parents, and more successful for you to reach them. Like we said, this is what we work on all day… making this platform the very best it can be.

Bonus Reason: We are super cool and fun people.

Well, you’re only going to know for sure that we’re super cool and fun people by joining us and getting to know us. We’re very excited to get to know *you* too!


1.  You can be in Camps Rock for free – because parents want to see everyone.

Here’s the thing… parents need good information to make informed decisions. In fact, they’re clamoring to see all of the info in one place. So, we list all of what they need to know, for every camp, even the free listings.

2.  We include everyone’s full data.

Each camp listing has 40 different data points, because that’s what the parents want to see. As we said above, we include every camp, even if all you can afford right now is the free listings.

3.  We don’t take a cut of your profit.

We know… we’ve got our ears to the ground… we’re watching our competition. And we know other directories want to take a cut of your profit. Or, they want you to pay them on each qualified person who links through to your site. This is not our approach. You simply purchase the Founder’s League as an annual package, and that’s it. No more to pay until next year. You don’t have to put a special link on your pages, or have us looking over your shoulder at your business, none of that.

4.  You don’t have to give us seats to sell.

Likewise, you don’t have to reserve “seats for us to sell”. We are not a registration platform and we don’t need access to your open slots. That’s totally your thing to manage. Isn’t that complicated enough to keep track of? I’m sure you don’t really want other platforms with their fingers in your business.

5.  Parents can truly find exactly what they want.

Parents come on our site and they stay! Our “stickiness” in internet traffic terms is OFF THE CHART. People use our website in a way that almost no other website experiences… moms regularly come on our site and browse for 20 minutes, sometimes up to 40 minutes or more in a single session. They are doing searches and then clicking in to see the details of many different camps. [think of, but for summer camp]

We also have massive return visitor numbers… moms who find us come back again and again to continue searching and making decisions about their family’s summer.

6.  This is not just a generic listing of your company.

We know there are lots of places to list your company information. But the majority of those are just that: your company information. That is NOT what the parents are looking for. They want INFORMATION… about all of your camps, and how YOU can help them specifically with their child. I mean, their child, who is 8 yrs old, and in 3rd grade, and likes art, and soccer, and science experiments. Once they know if you can help *them* specifically, THEN they want your website, and your phone number, etc. So, on Camps Rock we list everything you offer, in detail, so parents can find exactly what they’re looking for.


1.  We help you with your SEO.

Look, SEO is hard. And confusing. And seemingly constantly changing and mysterious. One thing we do know for sure is that you need to get links back to your website; in other words, a link to your website on someone else’s website. That’s HARD to make happen! You either need to get some really good press, make some sort of mutual link exchange with someone, or beg and plead others to put your link on their site.

On Camps Rock we give you linkbacks for FREE, and you can do it yourself. Plus, just by piggy backing off of us, you will get a boost from our google placement. It’s totally a win/win/win thing.

2.  We help to get your camp information in front of parents who are looking for summer camps.

We have spent the last five years figuring out how to reach parents, and how to continually increase our ability to help parents get their kids into the perfect camps. Our traffic includes moms, dads, grandparents, guardians, and kids… but the one thing they have in common is that they are looking for summer camps.

3.  We help you name and describe your camps to get parents drooling.

We know you already have a name for your camp, but is the name itself helping you as well as it could be? We know that a well named camp gets more interest than a generic name. We also know that a great camp description gets more click-throughs to your camp website than a simple one- or two-sentence description. We can help you understand the parent’s psychology triggers, to know what to say to get those parents on your website.

4.  We give you a platform to collect reviews.

Having completely unsolicited parent reviews on a third party platform is invaluable. Think about it… if *you* are looking for reviews on something, do you go to that company’s own website to read reviews? Of course you don’t! You look for something unbiased, a place where you can get honest unfiltered feedback from peers who use that product. Camps Rock gives you that unbiased place to collect parent feedback. Then of course, you can use the best ones on your own marketing materials.

5.  We give you information on how well your marketing is working on Camps Rock.

This is a new feature for 2020 and we’re super psyched about it. You are now going to have a place you can go to see reporting on how your camp traffic is doing. You’ll be able to see how often you’re showing in search results lists, how many people are clicking in to see your detail camp page, and how many are clicking through to your website. Just like Google Analytics, you’re going to be able to see, real time, how your camps are performing on Camps Rock. (This feature is only available to Founder’s League and Platinum camps).

6.  Bottom line, we can help you fill your camps.

There is no doubt, we can help you fill your camps. We’ve done it with many other organizations, especially those who were struggling with Social Media reach, or struggling with SEO, or even just struggling with an online presence. The thing is, even if you already have a great website, or you are already doing pretty well with SEO… if you’re not on Camps Rock, then any parent who is browsing Camps Rock for 20 to 40 minutes, is NOT spending that time looking at you.


The Founders’ League includes everything listed below… all of the features of Gold and Platinum, plus special Founders-only features, and a collection of bonuses we’ve never offered before, all included for one very low price. The whole collection is described below:

    • Every camp you offer listed in full detail
    • Over 40 key data fields are displayed for each camp
    • Cover photo on your detail pages
    • Logo on results list and detail pages
    • 4 camp photos on the detail page
    • Unlimited descriptive text on upgrades
    • 5 themes/subthemes combos
    • Button for an easy single click for parents to reach your website.

    • Your listings on the search results list will also include your cover photo (Gold includes logo only)
    • Parent reviews featured on the Camps Rock home page
    • A real time report of how many times your camp was found in a search, details viewed, and website clicked on.
    • Reminder emails sent to parents who have put your camps on their Favorites list.

    • Exclusivity – Founders’ League is ONLY available for a maximum of 3 organizations in a theme per city. In other words, you will be featured as one of only THREE founders in let’s say “Sports” theme for your city. Or one of only three founders in the “Arts” theme. There are six themes in each city… Arts, Sports, Academics, Outdoor Adventure, Faith Based, and Traditional. Hurry up and grab one of those three slots for your theme!
    • Upgraded listings for up to 100 camps in a single city. Our normal upgrades include 20 camps. With Founders’ League you get up to 100… and if you need more than 100, or you’re located in more than one city, let’s talk.
    • Premier Position as a featured camp on the Camps Rock home page.
    • Highlighted in your region’s landing page (remember there are only THREE slots per theme in your city. Once those slots are full, this opportunity is gone… not available again until summer of 2021)
    • In the home page search results list you will have a VIP badge… you will very clearly look different than any other camp on the page.
    • Locked in at this annual rate for as long as you maintain Founder’s League status. If you LOVE what we’re doing, and you want to support the concept of a completely new and economical way to reach parents who are looking for summer camps, stay with us and we will never raise the price on your Founder’s bundle.
      (please see our foot note at the bottom of the page if you have more than 100 camps)

BONUS #1 We will load your data for you – Value $59

We will load your camps for you, up to 100 camp listings, included in your Founder’s bundle!! All you need to do is grab a report of your camps out of your registration software (or any other place you have an excel file or similar listing all of your camps and details). If you have more than 100 individual camps… let’s talk. We can come up with a personalized plan.

BONUS #2 Retention Strategies – Value $149

We’ve put together a video series on retention strategies that you can take advantage of RIGHT AWAY. Retention is probably the single most important aspect of filling your camps. This is something that is totally within your control, and we’ve got all kinds of great ideas that you can start implementing right away. Many of these are super easy things that you can do without much effort.

This video series is available as soon as you join the Founders League!

BONUS #3 Marketing to Parents – Parent Psychology 101 – Value $149

One of the things we’ve worked really hard at over the years is understanding parents. We’ve done parent surveys every year, and we follow the traffic patterns on our website by capturing usage data and studying our Google analytics reports. We’re going to reveal everything we know so that you can take advantage of all our research. This is data you’re not going to find anywhere else in the world.

This is a video series that will be available in December.

BONUS #4 Step by step walkthrough to get the most out of Camps Rock – Included FREE

Working together, we’re going to walk you through the whole process of getting the best value and impact out of all your listings in Camps Rock. We know exactly the things that will make your camps stand out and appear in search results as much as possible. When we do this right, you can get as much as 12x the exposure in Camps Rock. This video series will be available in January.

BONUS #5 Business Boosting SEO – Value $299

In working on Camps Rock, we have been busting our butts to get SEO rocking and rolling. We’ve worked with three different SEO experts, and we’re putting all of their input to work on our website. And, the best thing is, it’s working. Our Google placement this past year has rocketed, and we know based on our very balanced and consistent approach we will continue to grow every year.

One of the things that really helps us is that our website is HUGE (as in thousands of pages that Google holds), and we have massive numbers of links out to all of YOU! Every year that just increases more and more. And you can piggy-back onto all of the work we’re doing just because you’re listed in Camps Rock!

There are loads of other things we’ve been doing, and we’re going to reveal all of that, in this video series about Business Boosting SEO, which will be available in February. Watch for a special guest presenter who will share their top tips that businesses pay hundreds of dollars to learn!



This offer is something special that we have never presented before and won’t duplicate again. As we continue to grow and make an impact with the number of kids attending Summer Camps, we want to give the opportunity to the special Summer Camp organizations that believe in and support us.

We work every day to get your camps noticed and stand out among the many other summer camps.  Among all the things promised with this offer we will continue to find new ways, every month, to reach out to more parents and tell them about your awesome camps.

Don’t forget, only three camp organizations for each of the six themes in a city will be able to take advantage of the Founders’ League offer.  Our themes are Sports, Arts, Academics, Outdoor Adventure, Faith Based, and Traditional. That means only 18 camp organizations in your city can join the Founders’ League!


We believe 100% in what we are doing here at Camps Rock. 

If you are unsatisfied in any way

or just feel you want to move your marketing dollars somewhere else, just let us know.

But please let us know prior to Friday, January 31, 2020. 

The only question we will ask is how we can do things better.



Camps Rock Gold Features – Value $239
    • All camps listed
    • Over 40 key data fields each
    • Cover photo
    • Your logo
    • Camp photos
    • Unlimited description text
    • 5 themes/subthemes
    • Easy access button to your website
Camps Rock Platinum Features – Value $499
    • Search results display includes cover photo
    • Parent reviews popped out on Camps Rock home page
    • Real time reporting
    • Reminder emails to parents who mark you as favorite
Founders’ League Features – Value $549
    • Exclusivity – Founders’ League is ONLY available for a maximum of 3 organizations in a theme per city.
    • Upgraded listings for up to 100 camps in a single city.
    • Premier Position as a featured camp on the Camps Rock home page.
    • Highlighted in your region’s landing page
    • VIP Badge on the home page search results list
    • Locked in at this annual rate for as long as you maintain Founder’s League status
Exclusive Founder’s League BONUSES
    • BONUS #1 We will load your data for you – Value $59
    • BONUS #2 Retention Strategies video series – Value $149
    • BONUS #3 Parent Psychology 101: Understanding parent choices – Value $149
    • BONUS #4 Step by step walkthrough to get the most out of Camps Rock – Included FREE
    • BONUS #5 Business Boosting SEO video – Value $299



Total Value : $2,003

Founders’ League LIMITED TIME offer –  $199

(you pay only $199 today to participate in Founders’ League for a full year, which gives you all the upgrades and access to all the bonus material from now until Nov 1st, 2020)