Your marketing budget is shot. Your head is spinning over how much you’ve spent on ads, social media, and print materials. Something new is just not in the cards for you right now. But wait! This is free!

Yes! Participating in Camps Rock is really and truly free! That may be hard to believe, but let us tell you why it’s important that Camps Rock is free:

Why Free?

Our vision from the start was that Camps Rock would be the very best and most comprehensive tool for parents to find summer camps. We wanted something where parents could, in one stop, browse through loads of camps offered in their area or city, search and filter by criteria that were important to them, and then easily get to the key bits of data about each camp that would help them make a decision. We didn’t want this to be half of the camps in a region, we want it to be ALL of the camps in your region. We didn’t want to list only those organizations who PAID, we want to list EVERYONE! Because if it’s not all camps, then it’s not really all that helpful to parents.

What do I get for free?

So, here’s the thing. We want parents to actually be able to use this tool to make DECISIONS! Not just look at some information, but really look at enough information that they can begin to form a plan for their summer. So, you actually get quite a LOT for free (awesome news for you!). Here it is:

Unlike summer camp “guides” that list just generic information about your organization and offerings, in Camps Rock every single one of your camps is listed. That’s because parents are literally going to search by age, or grade, or topic, or date… and they only want to see the stuff that applies to their needs. So, if you have a basketball camp, and an art camp, and a camp that’s for K-2nd grade, those are all very different things. When a parent searches on basketball, they don’t want to also get the art camp and the one for Kindergartners. Therefore, each and every one of your camps will be listed separately.

You will list all of the following info:

  • Camp Name
  • Description
  • Age/Grade
  • Topics (themes)
  • Location, website, phone number, name of contact person
  • Dates, times
  • Prices (including discounts you offer)
  • Extra Amenities (Lunch options, extended care, special needs accommodations)

Yep, yep, yep… you get to list all of that for every single camp you offer, for FREE.


Camp directors always ask, “How do you make money then?”

We give you the option to UPGRADE your camps for a small fee. So, while you do get loads of value for a free listing, you get even more powerful exposure when you have upgraded listings.

Read More about Upgrade Features Here: