Getting your camps listed in Camps Rock is easy, but how does Camps Rock help you reach your target audience?

Summer Camps are All We Do

We are not a parents blog, and we are not a generic “Things to do” website. We ONLY list summer camps, and we market to parents who are trying to find summer camps, and because our listings are free, our goal is to have 100% of camps listed. Parents who are searching on our website are specifically looking for summer camps, and they are seeing all of them that are available.

So, How Do We Get Traffic to our Site?

We have found many different ways that we gain access to parents who are looking for camps.

  • Facebook has been a great resource for us, both in organic and paid advertising. This year we’re investing even more in paid advertising, and we take advantage of all of the targeting features. Facebook also helps take care of delivery to other platforms, that really helps to reach exactly the right people — Parents of school aged children.
  • We market to school districts. We have found that the very best access to parents is directly through emails and newsletters coming from the school or PTO groups. We get lots of traffic this way.
  • We have implemented new and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the site. This year we hired an SEO advisor who is helping us to get even better reach through organic searching in the various search engines. We continue to improve upon this every year.
  • Backlinks and posts from other sources, like mom’s blogs and news outlets also brings us traffic and continued improved SEO.
  • We are constantly looking for new, innovative, and social ways to reach parents.

Through these and other marketing efforts, our reach has continued to expand. Parents come to our site to browse summer camps, save camps to their Favorites list, and plan their weeks of summer.

If You Are Not Listed, Parents Are Not Seeing You

Even if you have great SEO to your own well designed and professional website, you still should be listed in Camps Rock.

Bottom line, if you don’t have your camps listed in Camps Rock, whether a free listing, or an upgraded listing, the parents who are browsing camps and adding camps to their Favorites List, are NOT seeing you. They are spending time looking at other camps in your region.