The Director Members’ Club is a private club, exclusively for Summer Camp Professionals and Education Directors of organizations delivering programs for school aged kids. This membership club has been created by Camps Rock, to provide you with detailed information about the camp market, including monthly videos, reports, tips, newsletters, live Q&A sessions, and an online community.


Do you want to find new ways to market your camps? Find new ways to reach your target audience, understand the parents’ decision criteria, increase your retention, and ultimately increase your registrations? This members club is going to be perfect for you.

There were two basic reasons I got into this business with Camps Rock. The first was to help parents find great summer camps. The second was to get more kids out and active during the summer months. If I could encourage more parents to consider summer camp, help them easily find great camp options, and ultimately get kids off their couches and off their devices, then I will have succeeded in that goal. I would like to join together with you and other professionals in the camp industry to achieve just that.

You will receive benefits of four different types:

At the beginning of the month a detailed Video Bundle, a combination of video training, with accompanying reports or workbooks

A monthly newsletter, including information only available to club members

A private Facebook Group to share ideas, ask questions, and get support from your counterparts in the industry

Upgrades for up to 20 of your camps on Camps Rock!

Examples of the bundles we have produced:

  • Detailed Camps Rock Traffic Report  (statistics and analytics of parent searching behavior), with a video walk-through of the elements in the report and ideas you can glean from the data.
  • A report on feedback from a comprehensive Parent Survey  ~~ feedback about summer camp from over 250 parents.
  • Facebook Marketing.  How to easily increase your organic reach (the FREE reach) on your posts.
  • Discovering Your Why.  Determining the reasons *why* you are in the career you’ve chosen can give more meaning and excitement to your work every day. Find out how to discover your why.
  • … and much more!

For the next six months, our bundles will be the Six Step Roadmap to Summer Camp Success!  This includes modules on Financials, Curriculum, Retention, Registrations, Launch and Marketing Plans, and Staffing.

Camps Rock Upgraded Pages Included

Included in your subscription to the Director Members’ Club are UPGRADES for your camp listings on the Camps Rock website (up to 20 listings)! Upgraded camp listings get significantly  more traffic to their detail pages, and increased click-through rates to their websites. Our website statistics show anywhere from 4x to 12x more traffic to your camp.

Membership in the club is just $20 per month, and you are locked in at that price for as long as you remain a member. You can cancel at any time with no obligation.

To sign up with the Director Members Club, click here:



If you’re not ready to join us just yet, I’d like to invite you to sign up for our free newsletter. Even though you won’t have access to the Members’ only content, there is still a lot of great information in the free newsletter each month that you can use to increase your business and get new ideas. Plus, as a newsletter recipient, you can also get all of your camps listed in Camps Rock at the free listing level. Details about listing your camp will be available in January, 2018.