Special Offer for Women in Camp Summit!

Get your camps listed on Camps Rock at the lowest price with this special offer only for attendees of the Women in Camp Summit!

Plus, get free access to TWO extra bonuses.

This offer expires Tuesday, Dec. 14th.

If you’ve been thinking about using Camps Rock as one of your marketing platforms to advertise your summer camps, today is definitely the best day to get started with that!

  • The lowest price on a Camps Rock Platinum upgrade for ALL of our advertising bells and whistles for a whole year.
  • Access to “Rock Your Problem-Solving as a Team” class ~ A class where I’m going to teach you a FUN way to brainstorm with a team
  • A seat in my “Five Ways I Organized My Personal AND Professional Life” class, where you’ll get loads of tools that I am personally using to get organized and STAY organized.

Camps Rock Platinum Offer

With our Platinum package, you get all the best features we have to help you market your camp offerings to parents:

  • UPGRADED listings for up to 100 camps (if you have more than 100 camps, let us know and we’ll prepare a personalized quote for your organization)
  • Over 40 key data fields are displayed
  • A COVER PHOTO on your detail pages
  • YOUR LOGO on the search results list & detail pages
  • FOUR camp photos on detail pages
  • UNLIMITED descriptive text on Upgrades
  • FIVE themes and subthemes on Upgrades
  • A BUTTON for one-click access to your website
  • LISTED as a Featured Camp on Camps Rock home page
  • MORE SPACE on your listing in the search results… Platinum listings are 2x bigger than a free listing, and include your cover photo
  • RECOGNIZED as a “Camps Rock Partner” on the search results
  • A FEATURED POST on our Instagram page – This is just your camp alone, featured on Instagram
  • FACEBOOK POST in your region – You will be included in a group Facebook post for your region, along with other Platinum camps.
  • REMINDER EMAILS to parents who have ‘Favorited’ you!
  • FEATURED on a landing page specific for your city
  • PLATINUM listings receive on average 8X more clickthrough than free listings

WICS Bonus #1

CLASS: Rock Your Problem-Solving as a Team – a FUN way to brainstorm with a group

Class taught by Anne Potter

In this BRAND NEW exciting class, you will learn the brainstorming technique I’ve used for years, with all kinds of teams, in different settings and for different purposes, to get people communicating and excited about an idea, problem, or project. Let me explain…. I’ve used this for designing a software product, for bringing together a cross functional (and previously DYSFUNCTIONAL) team, and even for committee meetings at church. I’ve used it for sales training, for figuring out what to post on social media, and to build team camaraderie. What a crazy laundry list of what I’ve used it for, right?

Well, I decided to put this magical technique into a class… where I will TEACH you exactly how I run a session like this, and the teaching will be done using the method itself!

    • It takes between 1 – 2 hours (this class is 2 hours long)
    • Everyone gets an equal chance to speak and tell their thoughts
    • There is no talking over each other, or struggling to get a word in edge-wise (that thing we all hate about “brainstorming” sessions!)
    • In about one hour, you’ll end up with between 60 and 100 ideas!
    • Those ideas will be sorted and organized, roughly in order of the best or more favorite ideas.
    • Everyone will have commented on each idea.
    • If you want, you can also take the top 3 – 5 ideas and flesh them out more fully (depending on how long you want your meeting to run)

When you purchase our special Women in Camp Summit bundle, you get a ticket to this class for FREE. ($17 value).


WICS Bonus #2

COURSE: Five Ways I Organized my Personal and Professional Life

Class taught by Anne Potter

Ok, I’ve been working on this one for a long time, and I think I’m finally ready to reveal exactly what I’ve done to get myself laser focused on what I want to accomplish, both personally and professionally, and STILL have lots of joy and fun in my life.

I don’t know about you, but my life is pretty darn crazy. Three kids, two dogs, a house, and a business with my husband. Not to mention a couple of side gigs, and a WHOLE bunch of hobbies, projects, and ideas. Throw in there a little struggle with depression and anxiety, some new thyroid issues, and well… life can get a bit overwhelming! So, this whole year I’ve been on this mission to figure out how to run my life in a way that I enjoy, that BRINGS me joy, and also gets massive stuff accomplished.

I’m going to reveal it all in this three part course. So, be ready, this is three 90 minute classes, with homework, but it’s fun homework I promise.

This course comes FREE in this special Women in Camp Summit Bundle. (regular price is $47)

This class will be conducted LIVE in January, but if you can’t make any of the live classes, you’ll have access to the recorded version for self-study after January.



So, to recap, The FULL Women in Camp Summit Bundle is:

Camps Rock Platinum Upgrade Regular price $249
Rock Your Problem-Solving as a Team CLASS Regular price    $17
Five Ways I Organized my Personal and Professional Life COURSE Regular price   $47
Total Value                           $313
Price today!



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Platinum upgrade last?

When you purchase this bundle, you’re getting 12 full months of platinum upgrade, from the date of your purchase. So, it will expire One year from today.

What if I already have a Platinum upgrade?

If your camps are already upgraded from the 2021 season, we’re going to add the 12 months onto the END of your current platinum upgrade. So, if you purchased in February, it’s currently set to expire in February. We will extend that to February of 2023!

What if something happens and I end up not running my camps this year?

If you discover later in the season that you’re not going to run camps, then just contact us and we will either move your upgrade to the following year, or, we will come up with another equitable solution. We’re all about making this a great business decision, and we’re human beings running a small business just like you, so we’ll work with you to find the right solution for your situation.

If you have any other questions, please contact us! Email us at:

Anne: “anne(dot)potter(at)campsrock(dot)com”

Bill: “bill(at)campsrock(dot)com”


Ok, those email addresses look weird because just like you, we hate spam bots, and we don’t like our personal email addresses just hanging out in the breeze… so, if you understand the code words up there, a (dot) = . and (at) = @ .    Pretty tricky, right?