2-Day Mini course

Marketing Your Summer Camps For Free;

Plus the Five Pillars to Capturing Parents’ Attention and Trust


If you missed anything in class, never fear! Here are all the recap details, including the emails, the videos, and the handouts.

DAY ONE – Parents’ Purchase Triggers

Morning Email From Day 1

Hey there!

Goooooood Morning!! This is your morning wakeup call!

I’ve got your teeny tiny, easy peasy morning mini-assignment/exercise for the day.

This is so simple, you’ll think, “Really? That’s all?”

Here it is:

I just want you to list all the descriptive words you can think of for your program, your camp(s):

      • The sorts of things the kids do at camp
      • Words that describe the fun the kids have at camp.
      • The experiences.
      • The mind-bending, perplexing, creative, stimulating, colorful, joyful, inside, outside, and outside-the-box stuff!
      • All the descriptive words in one big list.
      • Unicorns? Adventure? Silly snacks? Ice breakers? Glitter bubbles?
      • What are all the words you can think of that adequately capture what happens at camp?

Then, just hop out onto the Facebook group, and there is a big PURPLE post there that says “Boredom Busters”. Hop on there and just spill all your great words into a comment on that purple post. No neat tidy sentences required. Run-on random thoughts are encouraged!

>> Click here to get to the Summer Camp Marketing Facebook Group <<

Yippee. Looking forward to class this afternoon!

Rock On!

~ Anne Potter

Co-Owner and Founder of Camps Rock

Video From Day 1: Parent Purchase Triggers

Handouts From Day 1: The Colorful Version:

>> Click Here to Download the Handouts: Parents Purchase Triggers – Full Color Version

>> Click Here to Download the Handouts: Low Ink Version of Parents’ Purchase Triggers (I made this version to be more friendly with the ink on your printer… a little less color on this one)

DAY TWO – Marketing your Summer Camps for Free on Camps Rock

There was no morning assignment today, just come to class with your marketing materials or your website with all of your camp information ready.

Here is the Handout for Day 2:

Below is a full document about all of the fields available in Camps Rock and how to use them. The final page of this document lists out all of the available themes and subthemes, all on one page so you can easily choose what themes/subthemes your camps fit in the best.

> 2022 Camps Rock Data Requirements – Information and Guidelines <<


Video from Day 2: How to Register and Add your camps for FREE in Camps Rock