Upgrade Options:

Thank you for considering an upgrade for your summer camps in Camps Rock.  Your decision will make your camps more visible to parents and will support Camps Rock.

We have three options, all of which are great options to consider.

  • FreeYou can enter all your camp data for parents to search.  There are 40 different data fields for each FREE listing, and you list every camp you offer so that parents can find them all. Click on the “Sign Up” button and go straight to the Registration page.
  • $10/month GOLD special With Gold, you get to include your logo, photos, unlimited description, and just generally have a much more attractive landing page for all of your camps. We have found through Google Analytics that parents are 8 times more likely to click on a camp that has a picture.
  • Advertiser’s PackageYou get everything in the GOLD level, plus several other amazing advertising/promo features. This is the only way to get your camps into our Featured camps list on the front page, and to get your parent comments popped out to the front page as well. Read below for even more perks you get in the Advertiser’s Package. In addition to all the great advertising features, we implemented something every camp director has been asking us for: “How many parents are looking at my camp?”  You will be able to see, in real time, your own Activity Report! You can see how many times your camps appear on a parent’s search results (= impressions), what percent clicked in to look at your detail page (= engagements), and what percent of those then clicked to view your website (= qualified leads).  This is pretty amazing; you can actually see how your investment in advertising is doing.

We are looking forward to an amazing, 2020 getting kids up, active, meeting new friends, and really having a blast this summer. 

The upgrade offers above apply to camp organizations that have 20 or fewer camps.  If you have more than 20 camps, that’s ok too.  We will customize a quote to that meets your needs at an awesome volume price.  Plus, we have the ability to import all your camps at one time, using a simple data template.


Free Package
$0 / month
List each camp you offer (Unlimited)
Over 40 key data fields are displayed
Basic (no frills) listings
300 characters of descriptive text
2 themes/subthemes for Basic listings
Gold Package (Special Pricing)
$10 / month
List each camp you offer
Over 40 key data fields are displayed
UPGRADED listings for up to 20 camps
A COVER PHOTO on your detail pages
YOUR LOGO on results list & detail pages
FOUR camp photos on detail pages
UNLIMITED descriptive text on Upgrades
FIVE themes and subthemes on Upgrades
A BUTTON for one click access to your website
BONUS: We will load your data for you, up to 20 camps
Advertiser's Package
$200 / year
List each camp you offer (Unlimited)
Over 40 key data fields are displayed
Upgraded listings for up to 20 camps
Unlimited descriptive text on Upgrades
Five themes and subthemes on Upgrades
A cover photo on your detail pages
Your Logo on results list & detail pages
Four camp photos on detail pages
A button for one click access to your website
LISTED as a Featured Camp on Camps Rock home page
PARENT REVIEWS on the Camps Rock Home page
REMINDER EMAILS to parents who have 'Favorited' you!
HIGHLIGHTED in your region's landing page
ACTIVITY Report - real-time report on #times in results list, detail page, and clicked to website
LOCKED IN at this annual rate for as long as you maintain platinum status
Subscription Prices