2021 Women in Camp Summit Special Offer with Bonuses

We’re excited to have you in Camps Rock for 2021!

This special Includes:

  • All of our Platinum upgrade features for just $139 ($249 regular price)
  • A pass to the class “Rock Your Problem-Solving as a Team” (FREE, $17 regular price)
  • A ticket to the January course “Five Ways I Organized my Personal and Professional Life” (FREE, $47 regular price)

Total Value of $313 for just $139 one time annual price.


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Watch for an email immediately after your purchase which will give you instructions on how to apply your upgrade to your account on Camps Rock. You can get started entering your camps right away, or, you can wait until you’re ready.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you, and learn more about the camps you offer.


2021 WICS Bonus Offer