2022 Franchise Special Platinum Offer

This special includes all of our Platinum upgrade features for just $99

  • Upgraded listings for up to 100 unique camp listings
  • A cover photo on your search results and detail pages
  • Your logo on search results and detail pages
  • Four camp photos on all detail pages
  • Unlimited descriptive text
  • Five themes and subthemes (free is just two)
  • A button for one-click access to your website
  • Listed as a Featured Camp on the Camps Rock home page
  • Reminder emails sent to parents who have ‘Favorited’ you!
  • Featured on landing pages specific to the city or region where your camp is held


Watch for an email immediately after your purchase which will give you instructions on how to apply your upgrade to your account on Camps Rock.

We’re excited to have you in Camps Rock for 2022! We’re looking forward to getting to know you, and learn more about the camps you offer.

Franchise Special Platinum Upgrade