Get ready for our amazing Six Step Roadmap to Summer Camp Success!

Through this program, we are going to head off together on a journey to reach a destination of success! I’ve identified six key steps to increasing business success, and we’ve focused the entire course around the summer camp industry. Everything in the program could be utilized by any business, but this entire series is focused on summer camp success.

It will be a six month long program which will start with your current state – how did things go this year, were your registrations up to what you hoped, did you have the necessary staff, did the kids in your camp have a blast (I bet they did!), did you make the profits you were hoping for? We’re going to start from Point A (where you are now), and find out where you want to be next year (Point B). We’ll draw a map that gets you there… moving from Point A to Point B, by next March, so that you’re ready for the most amazing summer camp season you’ve ever had!

Intro: Discovering My Why. In this short introduction, we’re going to start with WHY in the world are you in this business in the first place?

Step 1: Assessment of where you are now. How did this year go?

Step 2: Financial Analysis – where did you spend $$, what investments had the greatest impact on registration/effectiveness of the program, and what was your profit? (and, what do you want your profit to look like next year?)

Step 3: Curriculum – Design your camp based on lessons from the past and how you can cater to the needs of your families to make your offering the best of its kind.

Step 4: Retention & Registration – Set things up so that you’re not sweating it next May, worried if your camps will fill, or if you’ll have to (heaven forbid) cancel some camps! We will make plans in January so that you can avoid those problems in May.

Step 5: Marketing and Launch Plan – where to invest? What to create? Map it out and stick to the plan.

Step 6: Staffing and having FUN! How to find the right staff, get them on-board, excited, and ready to contribute to the fun! How to get your staff engaged so that you have less burn-out through the season.

This program is a Business Booster, designed specifically for summer camp directors. We’ll be looking at some of the materials we’ve already created (statistics and analytics of Camps Rock traffic, and parent survey results). We will also be gathering more detailed data to base our decisions on. Everything in this program is exactly for summer camp programs (although much of what we will do can also apply to other aspects of your business!)

I can’t tell you how pumped I am for you to join me on this. It’s all been percolating in my brain for over a year, everything I have wanted to accomplish and give to you… all of the ideas, the quantifiable data, and the empirical evidence, all pulled together in a program you can follow along and make amazing advancements in your business so that early next spring you are set for a completely awesome year. Hands down, the best year you’ve ever had.