What is Camps Rock?

Camps Rock is a fully searchable and comprehensive online directory of summer camps. Using Camps Rock, parents can search by age, grade, topic, date, location, and keyword. It is free to list your camps, and because each of your camps are listed separately, parents can drill down to the exact camp that fits their family’s need.

Do you need help promoting your camps online?

In this digital age, many organizations are turning to the internet to promote their camps. But it’s not easy, is it? So many different things to think about: social media, SEO, AdSense, paid ads on various websites (oiy, how much do we pay for advertising online? More than we thought we would!). How can you attract more parents to your camp offerings, and get them to come to your website and register? Well, we’ve got the answer for you in Camps Rock! The best news is, It’s Free!!

How the idea began:

I’m a mom of three kids, and my husband and I both work full time. Back when our kids were little we decided to give summer camps a try for our summertime daycare needs. It quickly became a nightmare to find what we needed, and fill up the whole summer (eleven weeks!) with camps for three kids, of different ages, with different interests. I would spend HOURS trying to find camps for each child. One evening, sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by flyers, a notepad, and my computer, I said to my husband, “There should be an app for this”.

No other search tool like it:Camps Rock front page 600x400

We wanted to create a tool that would be so useful for parents that they didn’t need anything else to plan their summers. It’s all there: straightforward, organized, and consistent for every camp listed… What is the camp price? What are the dates? Where is the camp located? How do I get to the camp website to sign up or contact someone? Every bit of critical information is in the same spot for every camp listed, and it takes no time at all for parents to get their questions answered.

It’s Free:

Of course it’s free for parents to use the site, but it’s also free for camps to be listed. The only way Camps Rock can be successful in being comprehensive is if all the camps are listed.

Parents can save camps to their Favorites List:

Camps Rock is even more useful because parents can save camps into a Favorites List so they can very easily get back to the camps they are considering for their kids.

Parents can search by topic, age, grade, date range, location, and keywords. Using these search mechanisms, parents filter down from all of the available camps to the ones that are most fitting for their family’s needs. Then they can click into the camps to read more about each one, including all of the essential information they need to make good decisions for their child.

Once they find a camp that’s perfect, parents save it onto their Favorites List so they can return to it instantly. Once they save several camps into their Favorites, they can then have their child look through and pick out the ones that are most interesting to them. This lets the child take ownership of the process of planning their summer, and the parents know that whatever they’ve chosen, they are definitely going to look forward to camp week.

Upgraded Camp Listings:

We are marketing Camps Rock to your ideal audience. This is ALL WE DO… we do summer camps. We are not a mom’s blog, or a generic “things to do” website. Our traffic is literally parents looking for summer camps. An upgraded camp listing is the perfect way to reach your audience.

We have statistics that show that upgraded listings get on average 8 times more views than similar camps that are not upgraded.


Read more about Camp Upgrades here:

Camps Rock Upgraded Listings



Parents love Camps Rock:

Parents love our website. We have gotten so much positive feedback from parents who are struggling with exactly what I was six years ago… Finding the perfect camps for their kids! Here are just a few quotes:

“I used this last year and my daughter went to peace camp. She still talks about it all the time. Thank you for making this! Can’t wait to check out more camps!”   ~Melinda B.

“Thanks so much for the info and the app you’ve developed. I will be sure to share this info. Great resource.” ~Michelle R.

“Camp Rocks has saved me countless hours of research and many headaches! Now my grandkids’ summer will include some safe and fun things to do. Thank you!”  ~Deb M.


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